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  1. The video is great, good job guys! Tahoe is truly a magnificent natural wonder of our world. It is indeed worthy to be the world’s center for environmental sustainability and stewardship.

  2. Several kayaks paddeling toward a common destination on Tahoe’s famed blue waters….what a perfect metaphore that provides in this well done video. Thanks to everyone involved and I’ll see you on 9-16.

  3. The power in this event will be to gather folks under one umbrella who normally don’t agree — and open up a conversation about the Tahoe of the future, the Tahoe we will leave for future generations as our legacy. It is a critical conversation that must begin now and must produce action, not just talk.

  4. Excellent video!!!

  5. The video is lovely, articulate and clear.

    What is happening in front of our 5 senses, however, is not lovely. There are many big things that need to be done to reach sustainability, but the little things that individuals must do for their part of reaching sustainability with every breath and every action are the most difficult to achieve. Education of the public is essential, but without consequences for harmful behaviors of residents and visitors, we may not make much headway in saving this national treasure that we love. As a committed steward, this is what I observe.

  6. Well said, well done. Over the weekend I spent a few hours at Kings Beach amongst cars, people, litter, speed boats, and all manner of recreational endeavor. The contrast between the Tahoe in this video and the Tahoe that is driving the decline of the lake itself couldn’t be more apparent. ST is timely and necessary. 50s style tourism isn’t the future. Survival of the economy through ecology is the only way this area will recover.

    • Looking forward to discussing the conditions left on our beaches, in our marinas, on our hiking trails and campgrounds and along our streets and thoroughfares as it will take a united group around the entire Lake Tahoe Basin from the mountain tops to the lake to change the conditions left by oblivious recreationalists.

  7. George Carlin looked at the big picture with a fine tuning for detail like a modern day Copernicus. May the genius rest in peace.

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