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Coinciding with the Tour de Tahoe, the 2011 Tahoe Expo represents the shift the region is making to embrace sustainability.

Promoting activities that represent the regions Cultural, Economical, and Environmental efforts, the 2011 Tahoe Expo supports the idea that stewardship is the basis for the new economy. For the riders, their friends and families, and anyone and everyone that will be in the basin during the weekend.

Activities include:

  • Monitoring of the condition of the streams that feed into the lake
  • Wander through the forest with a guide while tracking some of the local wildlife
  • Find out where the water trials are
  • Take a guided hike that allow participants to assist in the restoration of the trail system
  • Visit the learning centers that are involved in the research of Lake Tahoe
  • Find out about the local vegetation in ways that even most locals have little understanding of
  • Help identify the invasive species that threaten the west’s waterways
  • Discover the local resources for great meals and lodging
  • Many much, much more to come…

Do this all while leaving your car parked because the transportation is available to drop you off and pick you up at the key locations of all the rest stops of the Tour de Tahoe and the expo activities. All of this is reduce the number of vehicles on the road and to allow a deeper connection to the region which leads to an ongoing concern for its well-being.

The Expo is made up of businesses, non-profits, leaders, and the scientific community, all pushing for the best possible solution set for the health of this area. Your participation at the 2011 Tahoe Expo, helps to cultivate this area as a leader in geoTourism and sustainable Living.

ST is a volunteer staff and has a number of areas where we could use your help. Please contact us to get involved.



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