Past Projects

9-2010 Stewardship Congress http://sustaintahoe.org/media-2/video/
Representatives from groups/agencies/organizations/businesses actively working and/or pursuing stewardship efforts in the Tahoe watershed met at the edge of the Lake to transform key projects into interactive visitor attractions that motivate acts of conservation. The  attractions developed at the Congress became the foundation  from which to design the 2011 Tahoe Expo.

11-2010 Regional Green-Networking event
Business leaders who embrace, seek and/or model sustainable practices came to the Embassy Suites to enjoy local food (generously provided by Nancy Dineen of Green Barn Farms), and tour Explore Tahoe Visitor Center and the Embassy Suites to better understand the geotourism strategies and energy savings realized by these local pioneers.

9-2011 www.TahoeExpo.com 
A  basin-wide showcase of geotourism assets hosted by local expert guides and connected by bus,boat and bike. This launch was a demonstration of activities and attractions that increase local pride, and enrich the visitor experience of the place, giving visitors more reasons to stay longer, return sooner and share migrating stories that motivate constant year-round demand for the place.



Building a Foundation
Sustainable Tahoe is seeking active participation from people seeking to make a shift of behavior towards stewardship fun and sustaining. Please share your ideas, actions and projects that will continue to string the pearls of stewardship around the watershed; from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake (follow the water).

Tahoe Certification
Working with local conservation and scientific leadership, we would like to create a working criteria for watershed stewardship that can support and promote local stewards while inspiringclean water stewardship around the world.

Tahoe Watershed Stewardship Directory
We have an active inventory of around 800 Tahoe region orgs/bus/agencies/groups working on sustainable best practices. We would now like to create a Tahoe Directory to enable exposure of success models through a variety of collaboration tools. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate on this or already in process with a directory (to avoid redundancy).

Centers that serve to welcome, orient and inspire visitors with geotourism itineraries, mobility without cars, while supporting a local economy. It can also be a center to  provide docent training and green building demonstrations that promote local environmental development projects.

Water Transit Scientific analysis of Tahoe’s ecosystem shows the devastating effect that vehicles have on the health of our air,  forest, wildlife, and lake water. We realize that clean mobility is an action that must be pushed to the forefront of our initiatives for 2011. Lew Madden, ST member and water transit system engineer is supporting  RTWG and TTD Board efforts to make water ferry transit in Tahoe a reality. The opportunity for Tahoe to be the Davos/Hollywood/Silicon Valley for the most innovative water technology showcased annually on the global stage of Tahoe will be part of future Tahoe Expo’s.

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