Sustainable Tahoe putting together expo in September

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The basin-wide Tahoe Expo put on by Sustainable Tahoe will showcase possibilities in sustainability for the Lake Tahoe region, with focus on Mobility, Green Commerce, Health and Fitness, and Conservation – spanning three fun and educational. The event is Sept. 9-11.

The weekend will be packed with a diverse activities for individuals and families. Friday includes panel discussions and workshops for business and community leaders, as well as students. Saturday begins basinwide activities (Art & Culture, Water, Meadow, Urban), Water & Rim trail “hikes,” and green building tours. Sunday will spotlight the Tour de Tahoe, various electric vehicle and boat demonstrations, and additional activities around the basin (Forest, Maritime, History, River).

Although activities will take place around the entire Tahoe basin, two main stages are planned at the north and south ends of the lake with space to see what’s possible, learn how everything works, and experience it for yourself. A number of topics will be discussed by a variety of industry thought leaders, and demonstration tables will be used to help bring these topics to life.

In an effort to reduce the impact on the environment, we commit to making this a zero-waste event. All materials used will be made from recycled and compostable resources, and recycling will be plentiful. In addition, we’ll work with local ski resorts to encourage parking outside of the basin, with full alternative transit support to get you where you want to go.

The team is currently in the process of scouting speakers, workshops and demonstrations, as well as coordinating activities to span this weekend. Much more information to come as everything unfolds.

Go to the website’s contact page, to get involved and for more information.

RENO, Nev. — Sustainable Tahoe announces the first basin-wide green networking event in South Lake Tahoe.

On Thursday Nov. 18, regional leaders, owners, staff and advocates of green technology, conservation, alternative transportation, clean energy and sustainable innovation will unite to network and start the next wave of action toward sustainability.

From 5:30p-8pm at the Embassy Suites in South Lake Tahoe — the event will focus on bringing these community leaders together to meet, collaborate, and share resources under one vision of creating a sustainable destination of the Lake Tahoe basin.

“The future of Tahoe’s environment and economy depends on us. It’s our time to unite around a vision of a sustainable Tahoe and collaboratively take action beyond what’s already been done. We owe it to future generations to unite and commit to preserve this incredible resource,” says John Hara, Advisory Board member of Sustainable Tahoe.

The event will include a tour of recent sustainability initiatives by the Embassy Suites, which has recently become a model for sustainability in lodging. The tour will also look at the new Explore Tahoe facility, a watershed-welcoming center focused on promoting Tahoe’s natural assets.

A 2011 Tahoe Expo is being planned for the upcoming summer season, showcasing possibilities for a new Tahoe economy. This networking event helps set the stage for uniting the necessary groups that will realize this expo and continue action in sustainability far into the future.


1st Tahoe-basin Green Networking event

2010 Stewardship Congress


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