About Sustainable Tahoe

What do these have in common?
Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Epcot Center and Switzerland Public Transit?
They made conservation, education and public transit engaging, profitable and sustainable.

Our Sustain Tahoe team facilitate the adoption of stewardship and sustainability by showcasing, cultivating, and connecting existing models of success. We inspire collaboration between; business, agencies and NGO’s to host visitors to a 21st Century geotourism menu of adventures that DO NO HARM.

CHALLENGES: Sustainable Tahoe formed to address 3 pervasive challenges that continue to threaten Lake Tahoe water clarity and thus long term prosperity:

  • Economic – Promoting a 1960’s auto-centric menu of adventures that put water clarity at risk.
  • Environmental – Massive restoration  investment ($1.5B per decade) that lack enough active public participation to be effective, successful, and sustainable.
  • Community – Friction and disconnect between North, South, Truckee, Reno and local groups, create public confusion while compromises environmental goals.
  • Tahoe visitor experience Visitors Speakup

“Lake Tahoe has emerged on the global stage as a model for watershed and lake stewardship. This approach is a much better model for sustainable prosperity than the activities promoted during the last half of the century. –  Dr Charles Goldman

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